This includes a full deep clean of the home, bringing steam cleaning to clean down the tiles in any of the rooms and to fully clean the floors with. also giving the Bathrooms, Kitchen area, living room, bedrooms, hallway, stairs and if you have any more added rooms in the household then they will get a deep clean. More jobs which includes, the oven and extractor fan deep cleaned, the doors, windows, window frames, skirting boards and the dusting.

This usually takes a full day depending on how dirty the property is. But if I bring my cleaning partner which I would have to charge a set price for. It would half the time of the job.

How about you even prepare for birthdays, weddings and parties of all sorts – and myself or the both of us can clean the mess up.

Perhaps someone you know would appreciate extra help with something they meant to do or are worrying about? Or if have any health problems which are causing them to not be able to clean as much and is causing them more pain when cleaning.

Maybe even a gift for Christmas, something different for a change, spice it up with a one of deep clean, making their home look brand new for the new year.