Hey guys so as you all know, it’s really hard at the minute for anyone to even work at the moment, with covid still doing its damage to our lives, we all need to be extra careful in are day to day life now , it’s such a shame, but it’s all about keeping focus, healthy and knowing what your doing so you are able to work safety. The last thing we need is for our community to start being affected by this awful pandemic that we are going through.

I have made this section, mainly telling you all how I clean safe during covid times and what products are effective for killing virus such as covid 19.

Firstly, as I’m entering the household, I am always wearing my mask and gloves at all times, I will not take my mask or gloves off at all once I enter the home. I always recommend, if you can either leave the front door unlocked for me so I can walk in to the home then once I’m in the home, you are already 2meters away from me. Of course, if you can’t do that, you can open the front door and I will wait until you have gotten into your hallway.

After that we will discuss what needs cleaning, I always expect the people in the household to wear a mask as well, while I’m there just to keep it safe for the pair of us and others in the home. I will then tell everyone that once I start cleaning, no one can enter the room until I have finished cleaning it. So, I’m always keeping my distance and keeping it safe for everyone. I will disinfect everything that I touch, even if I do have my gloves on, there’s other ways germs can be spread and it’s not just through touching things.

I have been using a lot more antibacterial cleaning products, you do need to leave the products on for a couple of seconds more as you need to let the product reach the bacteria and the germs that are laying on the surfaces.

Here is a list of products that reduce the risk of bacteria and germs spreading into your home, also some products that kill virus such as covid 19, also really good and effective products, that are amazing to have in your cleaning cupboards. As not everyone has a cleaner so it’s good to share what I use, so they can still benefit too.

  • Flash Bathroom Spray removes soap and germ.
  • Flash Ultra Power Anti-Bacterial Cleaner Spray
  • Flash Professional Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Flash Natural Soap Multipurpose Cleaner
  • Flash Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaning Spray
  • Zoflora 3n1 Action disinfectant, let me tell you guys, there are some wonderful flavors that Zoflora has got and they make your home smell absolutely gorgeous for hours and I mean hours. You can use the 3n1 action disinfectant on multiple things such as, floor cleaner, deep cleaning your kitchen, you can clean your oven, oven tops, surfaces, cleaning the kitchen utensils, cupboard doors, basically everything just by diluting the products with water. I usually put 3 capfuls with 500mml of water. This also goes for when your cleaning your bathroom, do the same procedure with diluting the zoflora, and you can clean all aspects of the bathroom then.
  • Cif Anti-Bac and Shine
  • he pink Stuff, there’s multiple products that they have out, that are very effective for your household. These are, The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste, the miracle multi-purpose cleaner, the miracle cream cleaner and the bathroom foam cleaner. All these products are simply amazing for cleaning your household with.

Like I mentioned before health and safety Is always priority now especially at times like this, I also take bank transfer payments so I’m not touching the money and spreading germs that way. Cash is available too but I prefer bank payments. If we can keep working but stay safe that’s all that matters.